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Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instruction

You will cover:
- Anatomy, physiology and nutrition and how they relate to exercise and fitness
- Health and safety in the fitness environment
- The skills to conduct client and group inductions in a gym-based environment to support exercise adherence and a healthy lifestyle
- The skills to plan, instruct and supervise safe and effective exercise and physical activity sessions
- Professionalism for fitness instructing
- Personal and professional development
- How to deliver exceptional customer service

Level 2 Assessments Include:
- Coursework/Project.- Multiple Choice Examination.- Portfolio of Evidence.- Practical Demonstration/Assignment


Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training

You will cover:
Further knowledge of anatomy and physiology applicable to personal trainingNutrition for exercise, health and fitnessLifestyle and medical factors that affect wellbeingEffective communication skills for client consultations to encourage healthy lifestyle behaviours and strategies for changeSkills to plan and conduct physical activity sessions with different types of clients in a variety of environments with a range of resourcesLegal and professional requirements for personal trainingHow to set up and manage a personal training business on a self-employed basis if they wish toHow to manage, evaluate and improve own performance

Level 3 Assessments include:
Coursework/Project.Multiple Choice Examination.Portfolio of Evidence.Practical Demonstration/Assignment

Personal Training Courses: Personal Training Courses
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